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Jen Luo Umbrella movement

Umbrella movement

How would you explain the political regime in Hong Kong to your next generation?


When I was a child, Hong Kong was governed by the British government. In 1997, the British "handed over" the sovereignty of Hong Kong back to China. Since then, China has announced various policies to set down the political parameters for Hong Kong's future, including the 'One Country, Two Systems' policy. However, the electoral reforms announced on 31 August 2014 stirred student protests over 79 days for universal suffrage and the democratic rights of Hong Kong people.


In the midst of the violent attacks between police and citizens, a man emerged from a cloud of tear gas wearing a raincoat and goggles and holding two umbrellas. He was the umbrella man. The umbrella man represented the collective voice and hopeful spirits of the Hong Kong people. 


In 2019, the Legislative Council of Hong Kong proposed an extradition bill that allows China to extradite Hong Kong people to account for certain offences. Again, we witnessed over 2 million people with their umbrellas, raincoats and goggles protesting for the withdrawal of this bill. 


I believe the story of Hong Kong is powerful, moving and will continue to inspire the next generation.

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