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Our Murray Darling

I created this watercolour artwork to pay my tribute to the fish massacre in the Murray-Darling river in 2019.


In New South Wales, we witnessed the death of thousands of native Murray Cod and other fish species.


"The fish massacre was caused by '

local hydrological and climatic conditions'"

- an independent report commissioned

by the former federal Minister for Agriculture

and Water Resources.


These "conditions" include drought, a significant increase of blue-green algae, and raising water temperatures. The combined effect of these conditions contributed to a drastic reduction of oxygen in the water, which led to the fish massacre. However, I believe the real issue is our failure to protect our natural habitat and resources against climate change. 

My grief inspired this illustration of a Murray Cod desperately swimming to catch its last breath. I have deliberately chosen to capture this moment of hope, to encourage you to support the fight against climate change and save our Murray-Darling!  

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